Brooklyn Bridge Park , Brooklyn NYC ( September 20 , 2014)

Pas The Cone , Long Beach Boardwalk ..Summer ,July 2014

Got All The Time…..Midtown NYC spring 2014

Bags Little Italy, Spring NYC 2014

Canal and Broadway ,July 2014

Summertime Blue Dress

I was using the contractor as an anchor for the scene and she walked in .

Woman on a cell phone in a blue dress ,construction worker sitting.Downtown NYC ,New York ,July 2014.

Texting into the subway
(NYC June 2014)

People Waiting Outside of Penn Station ,June 2014

Gelato and Cannoli vendor in Little Italy June 2014

Cross at Greys

Vespa .6 2014

Night out .June 6 2014

Waiting for Penn Station. June 6 2014.
People waiting to get back into Penn Station after it was evacuated for a suspicious package on the tracks.

Food Cart outside of Penn Station ,June 5th 2014

Pedi-Cab  Times Square May 2014